Thursday, 13 May 2010

Go Daddy Web Hosting Review

Go Daddy Web Hosting…The Review

Welcome to this months review. We want to provide you with some background information to help you decide which Web Hosting package “Best suits” your needs.
With so many Web Hosting companies out there in Cyberspace, it can be a minefield knowing which company offers the best option. For most people, especially those new to the internet, cost is the driving factor. This however isn’t always the best yardstick to measure a companies product by, other factors should always be considered before handing over your hard earned cash. In my experience (And I have been online for over 5 years now) you have to weigh up certain parameters that fit in with what you are trying to achieve.
For instance, if you just want to put up a simple website (Lets say a couple of pages) you don’t need a provider that offers large upload facilities. Conversely if you are setting up an online business that needs a site containing large files of data/information and spread over multiple pages, then you will need a provider that will allow you to upload large amounts of data.
It has been by trial and error (And by simply making expensive mistakes) that I have found the best providers around, at the best/competitive prices. The provider that I want to introduce you to provides an excellent middle of the road option to both the complete novice, and the seasonal Internet Marketer.
The company GoDaddy is the biggest Web Hosting provider online today. It’s an Internet domain registrar and web hosting company that also sells e-business related software and services. In 2010, it reached more than 40 million domain names under management. Go Daddy is currently the largest ICANN-accredited registrar in the world, and is three times the size of its closest competition.
Go Daddy is one of the best Web Hosting options around, as it has an incredibly easy to use customer interface, which allows you to navigate your way around the functions associated with managing your web site (It’s so simple even my 14 year old son has used it to upload a web site).
You can see all the options available to you by clicking on the banner below, and I’m sure you will find the service Go Daddy offer to be just right for your needs.

$ sale at 336x280